Throughout the day your skin has a buildup of dirt, oil, bacteria, pollutants, viruses and old dead skin cells. Cleansing your skin day and night removes theses impurities and gives your skin a fresh clean look. By washing out all the impurities that have buildup over the day it stops your skin developing a thick layer of dirt and grim which makes it difficult for your other skin care product to penetrate the skin effectively.  

By regularly cleansing your skin day and night, helps the skin to maintain a proper level of hydration. If your skin is dehydrated it will look and feels rough, wrinkled and aged. 


  • Radiant, healthy looking skin.
  • Anti-aging products and treatments will penetrate the skin and work properly.
  • Helps maintain proper pore size.
  • Encourages skin hydration
  • Prevents the production of excess oils.
  • Helps manage PH levels of the skin. 


Tiny glands under the skin produce oil called sebum. Sebum helps to protect the skin from the dangers of the outside world. When your glands are producing just the right amount of sebum, your skin looks healthy, but not shiny. If your skin produces too little sebum it can lead to dry ruff looking skin. Producing too much sebum in a follicle can cause a hardened plug to form, which can then lead to various forms of acne


Treat your skin by Double-cleansing: Wash your face with an oil cleanser (2 love my immune boosting cleansing oil) then a water-based moisturising cleanser (VK Cucumber cleanser) immediately after to remove dirt, makeup, and other impurities on your skin.