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2LoveMy is the product and motivation of a group of skin care professionals, who’s focus has turned to delivering a high-end skin care range without the high-end price tag. All our ingredients are ethically sourced, natural, cruelty free and where possible, vegan.

Whilst poor skin health is noticeable immediately, skin also indicates overall health. The epidermis is the top layer of your skin and is the largest and fastest-growing organ. It assists in regulating your temperature and protects muscles, bones and internal organs from infection and diseases.

Our passion is to create a clear group of products that helps to supercharge the body’s natural skin renewal process and optimise the performance of the skin.

We use nature and science to develop products that assist in giving you the best complexion, but also help to eradicate the toxins that cause skin complaints. Our Philosophy is one of simplicity and certainty.

Unlike other skin care providers, who focus on the latest fad, we are constantly researching the scientific literature to bring the latest known benefits for your skin.

2 Love My


Our products contain ethically sourced, natural, cruelty free and where possible, vegan ingredients.

Sunflower seed oil - Aloe Vera - Olive oil - Coconut oil - Shea butter - Apricot kernel oil - Papaya fruit extracts - Oat kernel meal - Pineapple fruit extract - Green tea extract - Prickly Pear seed oil - Liquorice root extract - Hyaluronic acid - Hibiscus flower extract - Rosehip oil - Marula oil - Sweet almond oil - Coenzyme Q10 - Marine collagen - Apple extract - Melon extract - Evening primrose oil - Seaweed extract - Arnica oil - Argan oil - Vitamin E oil - Tomato leaf extract - Fennel seed oil - Passionfruit extract - Retinol vitamin A - AHA fruit acid

2 Love My